Professional Service Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

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Get the Facts!

You can list your home with a traditional real estate company and pay
a very high 5% to 6% commission rate.

OR… You can pay a private-for-sale company the following:

Upfront money and still do all of the work yourself.

  • Plus pay extra for any add-ons or upgrade packages.
  • Plus pay more upfront fees to list on MLS®.
  • Plus pay all Co-operating Selling Agent’s commission.
  • These costs usually only cover a limited listing time.

OR… You can list with Barry Humphrey at
First Choice Realty for a much Lower Commission Rate Offering Huge Savings.

  • Pay just 1% Listing Commission upon a successful sale of your property.
  • Choose an add-on commission rate for co-operating selling agents.
  • Receive complete Full Service that a traditional company charges much much more for.
  • Have the option to find your own buyer and save.
  • Receive Personal one-on-one 24-7 direct cell, text, and email contact service with Barry.
  • You will not pay any upfront costs.

No gimmicks,
hassles or stress.

Every buyer and real estate agent in town or across the country will have access to sell your property.

I won’t promise to sell your property in 30 days or buy it, for I would have to offer you far less than its worth.

Average commission *saved using my complete full service on a $500,000 home is a minimum of $10,000 plus $1,300 HST. This translates to a whopping $11,300 or approximately $17,000 before taxed earnings. Savings may also increase depending on owner or sale agents involved in sale.

Remember… paying a high commission rate to sell your home does not mean you will get more service or more money for your property. It just means you are paying more commission when not necessary.

*Average commission is based on paying a traditional 5% versus paying much less for same full service or better service offered by Barry.